About Tamleek Real Estate Co

Tamleek Real Estate Co. is a luxury property brokerage and investment advisory firm with an exclusive portfolio of properties globally. In a span of a few months, Tamleek Real Estate Co. has emerged as the premium and the top entity in the market, as evinced by its sales volume for several major developers.As an exclusive entity, Tamleek Real Estate Co. provides services that include property development, elite brokerage services, investment advisory, property management and mortgages.

With over 150 employees and a strong local and International presence, Tamleek Real Estate Co. is seen as a leading and reliable real estate entity with an effective management and marketing method that guarantees clients tailor made services and a one stop solutions facility for any property related matters.

Tamleek Real Estate Co, The Top and Number 1. Investment Advisory and Brokerage Company Throughout the Arab World as Ranked by The “Prestigious” Forbes Magazine.

At Tamleek, we have exclusive access to the best properties in UAE’s best investment areas and we share that advantage with our clients, making sustainable and prosperous property investment a reality. We are committed to secure your long-term investment in a rapidly changing property market.