Dr. Brian Etemad, Esq.

From a Doctorate in Law to building
a multi-billion-dollar Empire

Driven by a focused and strategic vision, Brian Etemad, who is the CEO & Founder of the award-winning Tamleek conglomerate, is a man of sound academics & rich experience across continents.

Dr. Brian Etemad, Esq. is the CEO & Founder of the award-winning Tamleek conglomerate. A licensed U.S. Attorney in both New York & California, who graduated from one of the country’s most prestigious universities, Brian used his legal acumen to benefit some of the prominent state politicians as their strategic consultant. He also spent considerable time in Singapore tendering his legal counsel to various diplomats.

Having such a strong legal background proved to be advantageous when dealing with highly complicated contracts and legal matters that go with the property and real estate deals. As Emaar Properties’ legal counsel, Brian successfully led their real estate development across various markets and was involved in finalizing the collaboration between Emaar & Giorgio Armani. His experiences with top realtors and developers, combined with having record-breaking profits for the real estate companies he headed, set the foundation for his success as the “Maverick of Real Estate” and the “Real Estate Genius” who, in a short time frame, created a stir in real estate circles with his high-profile achievements.

After these soaring successes, he decided to take on a new challenge.

As the CEO of the investment advisory & brokerage company, Tamleek Real Estate Co., he was determined to cement his business ventures in major cities across 3 continents. After receiving instant recognition and winning numerous awards, Brian decided to apply his rich global experience as an investor and developer, further specializing Tamleek into a REIT & Global Investments company.

Dr. Brian Etemad, Esq. CEO & Founder
A Man for All Seasons

Experience Across Continents


Worked with the Foreign Minister of Singapore
Established Tamleek
Real Estate Co.
Worked as
Emaar's Legal Counsel
Founded Tamleek REIT &
Global Investments